ATT Concepts

ATT Concepts

Emergency Medical Services Training

          We offer a variety of specialized training programs for Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Firefighters who may be called upon to operate and provide medicine in austere and unconventional environments. All of our programs are designed and delivered by physicians and paramedics who have extensive experience training and operating in the tactical and rescue environment, and our training approach is one that focuses on best practices and training for reality; not “for the ‘gram”.  

Emergency Medical Technician Skills Building Sessions

Cost effective, convenient, quality training

     We recognize two factors that severely limit motivated Emergency Medical Technicians ability to train; time and money.  Because of the rigidity of state curriculums for Emergency Medical Technician’s, and a general lack of adequate, challenging, reality-based training, EMT’s are often under-prepared for the realities of EMS work once they graduate from their EMT program.  Many are then thrust either into the world of commercial EMS services where training is not a priority, or they seek experience volunteering at their local ambulance corps or rescue squad; many of which lack a structured field training program and continual mentorship.

     Recognizing that many EMT’s are working multiple jobs just to pay the bills, or are volunteers who have limited free time to spend countless hours in a classroom or spends hundreds of dollars up front for continued education, we were seeking a solution where we could provide Emergency Medical Technicians with quality, practical hands-on training that focuses on a mastery of the basic fundamentals and emphasizes the answer to the question “why”.  

     All EMS providers, paid or volunteer, have a responsibility to be professional, competent providers, so if you are in the New York City metro area, we now have a training solution for you. Our EMT Skill Building sessions are short, 2 hour sessions which are focused on on learning and developing individual skillsets related to the delivery of prehospital emergency a medicine which will prove useful to you as your serve your community. No lectures, no PowerPoints, just practical hands-on training. Skills building training sessions will provide you with not only a solid foundation of EMT skills, but will also allow you to continue to build upon that foundation with continued opportunities to train under the watchful eye of experienced instructors on the skillsets you either have an interest in or a desire to improve upon.

     Are you an EMT student?  Or someone who volunteers with an agency but is not an EMT?  You are free to join us as well.  These skill sessions will benefit you by either giving you a stronger foundation and better preparedness when you complete your EMT program, or will provide non-EMT’s with guidance as to your role at the scene of an incident and how you can integrate yourself into the team dynamics.  

     Becoming an exceptional EMT takes time and repetition, and prehospital medicine is alway evolving.  Our approach with these skills building sessions is a focus on basic principles applied in different environments with different challenges to keep you motivated, thinking, and learning.  The majority of these training sessions take place in different venues throughout New York in Westchester and Putnam Counties. Have a facility or a location where you can host a session?  Contact us and let’s set it up!

Follow the link for a list of upcoming open enrollment skills sessions

Emergency Medical Services Training Courses

Rescue Task Force

Our Rescue Task Force program is a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of RTF integration into active shooter events. This course is designed for both LE and FD/EMS and emphasizes the need to train together.

Rescue Task Force Train-the-Trainer

Our Train-the-Trainer program will prepare department training officers to establish Rescue Task Force programs. The emphasis of the train-the-trainer program is for police and fire/EMS agencies to recognize the need to train together.

Surface Water Rescue for First Responders

EMS personnel may be the first to arrive on the scene of a water rescue incident. This operations level course meets NFPA 1670 Standards and will prepare public safety providers to effect a shore-based rescue.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for EMS

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) is designed for street providers and Rescue Task Force and focus on the essential components of rapid identification and treatment of life-threatening but manageable injuries and conditions.

Tactical Emergency Medical Operator

The Tactical Emergency Medical Operator course is designed for Tactical Paramedics, EMT"s, and other medical professionals who are attached to their agency's tactical team as a medical resource.