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     The Anytime Maybe Podcast logo and tagline has it’s roots in the hosts former life as a member of the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit (ESU).  Years before the events of September 11th, 2001 NYPD’s ESU “adopted” the Tomcat as its’ mascot, a design originally painted on the side of F-14 Tomcats, along with the F-14 slogan “Anytime, baby”.  It is a slogan that NYPD ESU proudly displays on shirts, coins, patches, and other collectibles, and a catchphrase which NYPD ESU lives up to on a near daily basis as the men and women of NYPD ESU navigate complex tactical & rescue situations at a frequency and tempo rarely seen by similar teams across the country.

     But is a high operational tempo, with routinely successful outcomes, in itself enough to measure knowledge, competency, or operational capability and skill?

     One of my favorite memories about my time in the Emergency Service Unit will always be the in-depth and honest conversations had with like-minded individuals while on patrol in the “Adam Car” or at the back of “the Truck” after a job. Conversations where we challenged ourselves, each other, and the Unit; where we didn’t shy away from facts and objective truth; questioned if we were as good as we thought we were; sought to improve both our own performance as well as the overall professionalism and operational capability of the Unit.    

     The Anytime Maybe Podcast is a collection of those conversations. 

     This podcast isn’t a rant about “the job”. It isn’t hours of mindless complaining, which law enforcement officers love to do and often excel at! Furthermore, it also isn’t a forum for blindly cheerleading law enforcement, the NYPD, or ESU for that matter. 

     It is an insightful and educational resource; a place where we can discuss issues affecting law enforcement, public safety, and public expectations of our first responders through open, honest conversations. The overall goal of the show is to encourage meaningful conversations to drive change in the world of public safety as it relates to training, preparedness, capability, and leadership. To change law enforcement culture, educate the public, and provide insight and guidance for future generations of first responders.   


     Joe “Buck” Bucchignano has spent the last 29 years in emergency services.  From humble beginnings as a volunteer EMT in his hometown, to working as a career paramedic, and eventually joining the ranks of the New York City Police Department in 2003.

     He started his law enforcement career in the 52nd Precinct where he was self-admittedly an average cop, and his interest in law enforcement wasn’t focused on conducting investigations, plainclothes work, or being the top crimefighter.  From the time Joe was a young kid, his goal was to become a member of the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit, and in 2010 he achieved that goal.  

     In 2023 Joe reached his required 20 years of service with the NYPD to qualify for a pensionable retirement, and his decision to retire was an easy one.  Although there wasn’t a lot about the department Joe was going to miss, one of the things he would miss the most was the open and honest conversations had with his coworkers about the state of the NYPD, the Emergency Service Unit, and the law enforcement field as a whole, especially when it came to the culture of law enforcement training. The Anytime Maybe Podcast was born out of this desire to continue having these conversations (even if no one listens and Joe is just talking to himself) as a way to ease into his “retirement” and continue conversations he is passionate about.

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