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Consulting and Solutions

          We offer consulting and solutions services for a wide variety of industries; from public safety and emergency response agencies to private entities.  Our services are are designed to assess and improve an agency/entity’s training programs, asses and improve an organization’s capabilities and response to critical incidents, and conducting threat/risk assessments to improve and a review of current practices to improve safety preparedness.  Click on an icon below to learn more about specific services provided or to learn what ATT Concepts can do for your agency or business.  

consulting and solutions

Custom Solutions

We work with professional first responders and private entities to provide custom safety and security solutions.

Data Tracking/Reporting

We can collect and track sensitive data and prepare statistical graphs and reports for your agency.

Database Solutions

Solutions for public safety agencies who need to store data which can be accessed from the scene of an incident.

Equipment Maintenance

Routine inspection and maintenance of AED's and other lifesaving equipment to ensure proper functioning.

Equipment Purchasing

Emergency medical equipment, breaching equipment, firearm accessories, and other tactical gear.

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning, custom branded training programs, presentations, and training manuals

Policy Development

We can assist in developing new policies/ procedures or review and make recommendations on existing ones.

Threat Assessments

Site inspections and review/analyze current response capabilities and procedures with written recommendations

Video/Photo Production

Our photographers and videographers all come from law enforcement backgrounds so your sensitive content is secure.

Web Application

Custom web applications with a wide range of digital tools and solutions for your agency.

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