ATT Concepts

Public Sector Agencies

     Our training and consulting services are specifically designed to empower public sector agencies with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to a wide range of emergencies and ensure the well-being of their communities. Our comprehensive programs cover areas such as crisis communication, incident command systems, tactical operations, and disaster recovery planning. With our expertise, public safety agencies can enhance their coordination, decision-making, and overall preparedness, ultimately leading to more efficient and successful responses in critical situations.

Public Sector Solutions

Public Sector Training

Law Enforcement

Clearance methodology, utilization of ballistic shields, manual & hydraulic breaching, tactical de-escalation, search warrant planning & execution are just some of our programs.

EMS Education

Whether you're just starting in the world of EMS or a seasoned professional, our training programs are designed to instill you with the confidence and knowledge to excel as a provider.

Rescue Task Force

Our Rescue Task Force program focuses on best practices to ensure the effective integration of law enforcement and emergency medical services at an active shooter event

Public Sector Services

Custom Solutions

We work with professional first responders to provide custom training and readiness solutions.

Data Tracking & Reports

Using our web app interface we can collect and track sensitive data and prepare statistical reports for your agency.

Equipment Purchasing

Emergency medical equipment, tactical gear, breaching equipment, firearm accessories, and other equipment.

Lesson Planning & Development

Custom branded public safety training programs, presentations, and training manuals for your agency.

Policy Development

We can assist in implementing new policies and procedures or review existing SOP's, offer recommendations for improvement.

Video/Photo Production

Compliments our lesson planning and custom course development services to guarantee a training program which is specific to your needs.

Custom Web Application

Custom web applications with a wide range of digital tools, resources, and hosted virtual training opportunities for your agency.