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Private Sector Industries

     Our training and consulting services cater to private sector industries and their safety, preparedness, and emergency response needs. We offer tailored programs that encompass risk assessment, crisis management strategies, and employee training to ensure organizations are well-equipped to handle various emergencies. Through our expert guidance, businesses can establish robust protocols, enhance their disaster readiness, and cultivate a culture of safety that safeguards both personnel and assets.

Private Sector Training

Strategies for Survival Seminar

Our flagship active shooter survival preparedness course, Strategies for Survival empowers you and your employees with best practices if faced with an active threat scenario.

CPR AED Courses

American Heart Association and American Red Cross certifying CPR AED courses which exceed industry standards with reality-based training opportunities.

First Aid Courses

From basic first aid, to STOP the bleed, to more comprehensive and industry-specific first aid programs, we ensure your employees are preparedness to manage medical emergencies

Security Training Programs

De-escalation, emergency response, and emergency medical techniques to proactively identify and manage potential threats while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Flexible Formats

We offer instructor-led, blended, and virtual programs. Our off-the-shelf courses are ready to go, or we can customize a program to suit your specific needs.

Private Sector Services

AED Program Management

Routine inspection and maintenance of AED's and other lifesaving equipment to ensure they are always in a state of readiness.

Custom Solutions

We work with private sector entities to provide custom safety, security, and training solutions that meet your unique needs.

Equipment Purchasing

We offer Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), emergency medical equipment & supplies, rescue and security gear.

Lesson Planning & Development

Custom-designed and branded safety & preparedness training programs, presentations, and training manuals for your business

Policy Development

We can assist in developing new policies and procedures, or review and offer recommendations on existing ones.

Threat Assessments

Site inspections to identify and analyze vulnerabilities, general preparedness, response capabilities, procedures, and recommendations.

Video/Photo Production

Compliments our lesson planning and custom course development services to guarantee a training program which is specific to your needs.

Custom Web Applications

Custom web applications with a wide range of digital tools, solutions, and hosted virtual training opportunities for your business.

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