ATT Concepts

Firearm Training

ATT Concepts firearm training is designed for new pistol shooters, law enforcement officers, and other law-abiding citizens who are legally allowed to possess a pistol and is seeking to improve their marksmanship and pistol-handling.  All of our shooting programs are taught by NRA-certified and New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors.  

Pistol Fundamentals Level I shooting at a range

Pistol Fundamentals Level I

Level I is for beginner handgun shooters and instills the fundamentals of marksmanship of which every other aspect of shooting is built upon.

Pistol fundamentals level ii Firearm training at a shooting range

Pistol Fundamentals Level II

Level II builds upon the foundations in Level I and incorporates added pistol manipulation skillsets including working from holsters and reloads.

Pistol fundamentals level III

Pistol Fundamentals Level III

Level III is an intermediate class, designed for those who are comfortable with basic fundamentals and looking to continue their progression.

Firearm training programs are restricted to individuals who are legally permitted to possess a firearm.  This includes sworn law enforcement officers, peace officers who carry a firearm in the course of their official duties, and permit holders.

  • Fully functional full frame or compact handgun
  • Factory installed safety devices intact
  • No dangerous modifications
  • Proper fitting hip mounted holster that completely covers the trigger guard (Serpa and other tigger guard retention style holsters are not authorized) 
  • Factory ammunition
  • Sturdy belt, at least 1.5″ in width
  • Eye protection (appropriate for shooting sports)
  • Ear protection (appropriate for shooting sports)
  • No shorts, sandals, open-toed footwear, or tank tops

Yes! If you are in the NY, NJ, CT area we offer one-on-one pistol instruction to work on any fundamentals or areas where you are looking to improve your pistol shooting performance.