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Tactical Emergency Casualty Care - LE

Course Details

Our 1-day Tactical Emergency Casualty Care course designed for law enforcement is an intensive program that focuses on rapid identification and management of the three preventable causes of death which occur in the tactical environment secondary to traumatic injuries.

Course Topics

  • IFAK considerations
  • Stages of care
  • Self-aid and buddy-aid procedures
  • How to conduct a rapid trauma assessment
  • Management of life-threatening bleeding through tourniquet application & wound packing techniques
  • Management of penetrating chest injuries
  • Airway management techniques
  • Victim movement 
  • Handover to EMS
  • Weapon manipulation and management while working

Course Length

  •   1 Day (10 hours)

Equipment List

  • Patrol rifle (if available), 2 or more magazines
  • Duty/Tactical gear with holster and magazine pouches
  • Duty Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) if issued
  • Clear eye protection



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