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Patrol Response to Active Shooter

Course Details

Our 5-day  Patrol Response to Active Shooter course goes well beyond the standard 2-days offered to most patrol officers.  This course covers all facets of active shooter response, from initial response to integration of EMS resources to treat the wounded.

Course Topics

  • Immediate goals
  • Initial response & equipment considerations
  • Approach to the breach point
  • Dynamic vs. search mode
  • Movement to contact
  • Deliberate clearance
  • Principles of room entry & clearing
  • Hallway movements
  • Stairwell movements
  • Deconfliction and hasty marking systems
  • Transition from stop the killing to stop the dying
  • Integration of Rescue Task Force

Course Length

  5 Days (40 hours)

Equipment List

  • Patrol rifle (if available), 2 or more magazines
  • Duty/Tactical gear with holster and magazine pouches
  • Marking cartridge (SIMS/UTM) setup for your weapon system. 100 marking rounds (50 rifle, 50 pistol).   
  • Force-on-Force PPE (face, long sleeve, gloves, neck, groin)
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Clear eye protection
  • Simmunition face mask, gloves, neck/groin protection. Long sleeve top. 



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