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Tactical Emergency Medical Operator

Course Details

Our 5-day Tactical Emergency Medical Operator course is designed to prepared EMT’s, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals for integration with a law enforcement tactical team as a dedicated medical resource.

Course Topics

  • Role of the Tactical Medical Operator
  • Equipment considerations
  • Pre-mission medical threat assessments
  • TECC stages of care
  • Medical effects of less lethal devices
  • Team medical maintenance
  • Remote assessment methodology
  • Medicine across the barricade
  • Chemical munitions, field decontamination, and gas mask operations

Course Length

  •   5 Days (50 hours)

Equipment List

  • Issued medical gear (if available)
  • Duty/Tactical gear with holster and magazine pouches (if armed)
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Clear eye protection



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