ATT Concepts

Law Enforcement

First Responder Agency Solutions

          ATT Concepts strives to assist first responder agencies with managing various aspects of administrative and operational capabilities, especially in the realm of special operations and the design, development and delivery of branded training programs. 

Standard operating procedure

Operating Guide Review & Development

Review your first responder agency's Standard Operating Procedures and make recommendations for improvements, or aide in developing new agency procedures, with an emphasis on tactical and rescue operations.

Training textbook

Training Programs & Development

We can assist your with all aspects related to the development and deployment of customized, branded training programs. From lesson planning, photography, videography, PowerPoint presentations, training manuals, exams, interactive training videos, online hosting, and instructor guides, we can assist you in all aspects of setting up training programs for your agency.

Web app on a mobile device

Web Applications

Progressive web applications (PWA) can be used on by your first responder agency on mobile devices, tablets, and computers to access important safety & security information. You can access our standard web app that has various information and resources related to your agency, or we can develop a custom PWA for your agency that incorporates digital tools & information tailored to your needs.

Agency-Specific Solutions