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ATT Concepts

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Active shooter holding a gun

Active Shooter/Threat Awareness

Workplace violence and active shooting threats are a concern for many corporations and businesses where large groups of people gather. Our Strategies for Survival active threat programs take a reality-based approach to a sensitive topic and are designed to foster preparedness and confidence amongst attendees by sharing survival strategies to improve their survivability. Training opportunities range from virtual to immersive hands-on training programs.

CPR Instructor providing training

CPR & First Aid Training

We provide a variety of CPR and first aid/emergency medical response programs for corporations and businesses; from American Heart Association and American Red Cross to custom programs based on your needs. Whether it is CPR, basic first aid, stop the bleed, use of emergency oxygen, or any number of other training programs, we can design and develop specific programs to suit your requirements. All of our training includes digital tracking of expiration dates with automated reminders of renewal, as well as access to our CPR/First Aid Web App.

Construction company workers providing first aid

Emergency Response Procedures

We can review your existing emergency response protocols or assist you with developing new written procedures to provide you ro your staff with guidance on responding to and managing critical incidents and medical emergencies.

AED management

Medical/Rescue Equipment Maintenance

Don't have the time or resources to make sure all of your emergency equipment is serviceable and ready to use? When you sign up for our service plan, we provide routine inspection on AED's and their components, first aid kits, and other rescue equipment to ensure it is ready for when you need it most. Our service plans include access to our dashboard interface where you can view our digital tracking of expiration dates on all of your consumables.

Medical/Rescue Equipment Supply

Emergency medical and rescue equipment is one area where you don't want to cut corners. From AED's to fully stocked medical bags to individual items, we carry a full line of emergency medical products to outfit your medical kits and supplies with quality items that have a track record of performance. We don't believe in selling poor quality, overstocked medical kits. We will work with you and within your budget to ensure you have the necessary items needed to respond to a critical incident.

Team Building Events

Learn valuable lifesaving skills while facilitating camaraderie, communication, and collaboration amongst your employees. We run two main types of team building events; our Search & Rescue team building event involves the search and rescue of two lost hikers, and our Hostage Rescue team building event, where participants will have to facilitate the safe rescue of a hostage through effective negotiation and careful mission planning. Contact us to learn more about our team building events.

Risk assessment consulting and solutions

Threat Assessment

We perform a systematic evaluation of potential risks, vulnerabilities, and threats that could compromise the safety and security of employees, visitors, and the overall business environment. It is a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential dangers before they escalate into harmful incidents.

Web app on a mobile device

Web Application

Progressive web applications (PWA) can be used on mobile devices, tablets, and computers to access important safety & security information. You can access our standard web app that has various information and resources related to safety, security, emergency medicine, and response to critical incidents, or we can develop a custom PWA for your business that incorporates safety & security information tailored to your needs.