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ATT Concepts Membership

An ATT Concepts membership is a cost-effective and simple way to access all of the virtual training opportunities ATT Concepts has to offer, as well as access to exclusive content, member-only pricing on training & gear, and early access to register for training events. 

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There are three types of membership:

  • EMS membership designed for certified or licensed paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and students.
  • Law Enforcement membership for sworn law enforcement officers.
  • Prepared citizen membership designed for private entities or individuals who have an interest in safety and personal preparedness.

There are two membership levels within each membership category.

Both membership levels include access to the ATT Web Application.  To learn more about the ATT Web Application click here.

The training membership level includes access to the ATT Academy, an online collection of interactive training courses for law enforcement, emergency medical professionals, and prepared citizens. 

The ATT Concepts web application is a progressive web application that can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone mobile device.  It contains a number of useful tools, guides, and resources for public safety professionals and prepared citizens.

To learn more about the ATT Web Application, click here

Membership for the ATT Academy & Web Application costs $79 annually or $9.99 monthly.

Membership for access to only the ATT Web Application costs $50 annually or $5 monthly.