Law Enforcement Skills Building

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     We recognize two factors that severely limit motivated law enforcement officers ability to train; time and money.  Because of a lack of adequate tactics training afforded to most law enforcement officers at the academy level or through department refresher training, motivated officers often seek training from outside sources, but not all officers have the ability to travel away from home, spends days at a time training, and afford the up front cost of hundreds of dollars for a course. 

     If you are in the New York City metro area, we now have a solution for those who are seeking to improve their understanding and application of basic tactical principles so they can perform as a professional to better serve their communities.

     Our Law Enforcement Skill Building sessions are short, 2-3 hour sessions which are focused on on learning and developing individual skillsets related to the application of tactics and tactical principles which will prove useful to you as your serve your community. No lectures, no PowerPoints, just practical hands-on training. We know that in most departments, SWAT benefits from the majority of these training opportunities, but as a patrol officer you are typically the first arrive on the scene of an incident. Whether it’s responding to a burglar alarm and having to clear a house or commercial structure or responding to an active shooter incident, skills building training sessions will provide you with not only a solid foundation of patrol-based tactics, but will also allow you to continue to build upon that foundation with continued opportunities to train under the watchful eye of experienced instructors on the skillsets you either have an interest in or a desire to improve upon.

     Mastery of the basics takes time and repetition.  Our approach with these skills building sessions is a focus on basic principles applied in different environments with different challenges to keep you motivated, thinking, and learning.  The majority of these training sessions take place in different venues throughout New York in Westchester and Putnam Counties. Have a facility or a location where you can host a session?  Contact us and let’s set it up!

Police car and officer with lights on
Joseph Bucchignano

     Our Skills Building Sessions are designed and developed by Joe Bucchignano.  Joe spent 20 years working for the NYPD, so he is intimately familiar with the challenges that agencies face to provide solid, consistent training for its police officers, and the challenges faced by patrol officers to receive quality tactics training.  For 13 of those years Joe was assigned to the Emergency Service Unit, where he spent several those years engaging in course development and teaching tactics, breaching, and emergency medical care as an adjunct instructor and Apprehension Tactical Team (A-Team) member.  

Law Enforcement Skills Session Training Schedule

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